On Off Days

I’m having a bit of an off day today, so instead of a standard rant, you get:

Cut-rate rationality-themed superheroes!

Outside View – with the power to perceive the exterior of anything!

Cost Disease – with the power to infect you with somethine expensive to treat!

Murphyjitsu – with the power to make anything that can go wrong for his foes do so!

Groupthink – with the power to control many minds at once, but only to have the same thoughts and do the same things!

Illusion of Transparency – with the power to make a person think anything is completely clear!

Motivated (Cognition|Skepticism) – a team, with the power to give people reason to think about or doubt anything!

Bayes Man – His priors give him reason to think he can win this battle!

Paperclip Maximizer – with the power to make paperclips grow!

Philosophical Zombie – Not immune to mind control, but does what he was going to do anyway!

Do you have others? Add them in the comments!

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